Upcoming Classes

 ***Upcoming classes for “Cool it Art Kids” at VGCC, 5 Glasshouse Walk, SE11 5ES –  Tuesdays 4-5pm term time and 2-4pm School Holidays***  

2nd July – Sliding Eye Faces – with a simple paper slider create multiple expressions for a character of your creating

9th July – Represent Yourself – Self portraits with elements of our culture and heritage

16th July – Cow Appreciation Day – Furry Face Coos crafted from wool collaged

23rd July – Emotion Drawing (Colour) – thinking about what colours evoke different emotions and how we might represent them

30th July – HOLIDAY SESSION – Painting with Stencils – craft your own simple stencils to create multi layered paintings with repetition of shapes

**Young at Art: Upcoming classes for Adults at Wheatsheaf Hall, Wheatsheaf Lane just off South Lambeth Road   Thursdays  1-2:30pm***

Please note August Trips to Tate Britain we will meet at the Tate!