Upcoming Classes

 ***Upcoming classes at VGCC, 5 Glasshouse Walk, SE11 5ES –  Tuesdays 4-5pm term time and 2-4pm School Holidays***  

10th January – Resolution Chart – the beginning of the year is always a good time to start some intentions we can map out with these illustrated resolution charts!

17th January – Lunar New Year – Year of the Rabbit – taking inspiration from this we will be creating some paper craft rabbits to celebrate

24th January – International Lego Day: Design yourself as a Lego Character

31st January – Art Focus: Escher – taking inspiration from Escher we will be creating work in response to his

**Young at Art: Upcoming classes for Adults at the Carmelita Centre, Vauxhall Walk – Thursdays 1:30-3pm***

12th January – Mindful Watercolours – starting with a meditative watercolour doodle we will continue to explore the materiality of watercolour and end in a free painting session

19th  January – Art Focus: Chinese Lacquer – taking inspiration from this art form we will be creating our own black and gold inspired work echoing the aesthetics of this traditional craft with a contemporary twist

26th January – Simple Sketchbooks – using upcycled paper we can create our own homemade sketchbooks to continue our creativity at home