Amanda has always loved being creative; from drawing unicorns or other mythical creatures to covering everything including herself in glitter, collaboratively creating a life size chicken wire/mod roc Henry the Eighth to mistakenly sewing her embroidered cushion cover to her uniform aged 7 – luckily she manages not to sew things to herself now…on the whole!

Amanda has a passion for inspiring creativity in others; be it sparking their imagination to create anything and everything within the realms of artistry or even focussing on observational work to celebrate the everyday and environment around them!

Amanda loves creating large scale murals, coming up with ideas for classes and most of all playing around with watercolour and marker pens!”

Zeena began her artistic journey when she was just 5 years old. Seeing shapes and creating imaginary creatures from clouds above in the blue sky and swaying branches in the trees. She found life in everything around her.

She believes everyone has a unique artistic passion in them. She loves pencil sketching and colouring with pen and pencil, has a flare for vibrant colours when it comes to drawing, painting and crafts.

Nothing makes her happier than creating art with children and her friends.”

“Some say she is a dreamer and others would say that she is an eternal lover of the beauty of the world.

Neila began to demonstrate her talents in Art at 7 years old; from drawing people, house and flowers to then moving to creating paper dolls and rags dolls.

Over the years, she has revealed an interest in photography; landscape, black and white and also capturing the sunrise. Most of the time she likes to capture the emotion of everyday like in her drawings.

She believes that behind those “walls” is life, her biggest dream is that everyone can see the life behind the “walls””

Eloy likes Art because it allows him to be part of an imaginary world with plenty of colour, happiness and creativity.

Art to Eloy is a new window towards another world within which we can express ourselves happily.”

He likes to spend a lot of his time sketching and losing himself in art.

Sarm loves creating and sharing that enthusiasm with others. As a child she often spent time in an imaginary world – where she loved racing down the hill with her guinea pig Précieuse.

She believes making Art and thinking creatively is important to acquire a new perspective in how one sees the world and oneself; it also makes life so much more exciting!”